Laptop or Netbook ?

I recently bought myself a new Netbook. I did considerable Research !
Here below I provide you some tips.
  • If you want Great computational power, buy a Laptop. If It has to be economical,Think AMD processor based Ones.They are Good! Read few reviews on AMD Processors. you will get convinced !
  • if Money is not a issues.settle for nothing less than the best available as of today in terms of computational power.
  • If you want fair computational power for normal home and office work and economy and power of Mobility and style  -nothing like a netbook !  You will get a good netbook for around 20 K in India.
  • Buy a net book with 2 GB RAM ( at present Samsung and HP got 2 GB RAM net-books)
  • If you have a friend visiting you from US,tell him to get one(Laptop or a net book). Its at least 3,000-5,000 rupees less than Indian Price.
  • The best netbook and Tablet PC is Lenovo's  IdeaPad S10-3t Tablet. This Tablet has some great reviews - it costs around 30 K and is worth its touch screen experience and shower of envious looks  and a wow factor ! it can bring.
  • Once you buy a Laptop or Netbook Do not discard your old slow desktop.
Suggestion 1:  Keep the key board, Mouse and the Monitor, You can double your laptop as desktop to save it from harsh key strokes of your tiny tots !

Suggestion 2: Donate your old desktop to some school.or someone who is in need....There are many who care to use it ! Just give them your old desktop and see the glitter in their eyes...

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