How to automate use of € -Euro sign

Now a days,you often need to use euro sign.
Here is a tip to make use of   euro sign,whenever you type "euro" in MS-Office.
Here are the steps to follow:
Step1 : Open an excel file
Step 2: In any cell, enter the formula =CHAR(128), press F2, and then F9 (Paste Special, Values).
Step 3: Copy the "€" euro sign from the Formula Bar by using the Ctrl+C shortcut.
Step 4: From the Tools menu, select AutoCorrect
Step 5: In the Replace box, type "euro",(all in small letters is best) and in the With box, press Ctrl+V (Paste).
Step 6: Click Add, and click OK.

To check this - in any cell, type the word "euro" (all small letters is best)
The text changes to the "€" sign.

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