Zip Cast

You have presentation and need to explain the presentation to 10 colleagues across geographies.You have a concept or an idea  and wish to explain to all your friends who are spread across various geographies and take their feedback this  weekend.
The smart solution is Zip cast to meet people on line. Zipcast is a new approach to meeting online. No software downloads are needed by any one. Moreover it’s free and easy to use.

I liked the way they explained it:
“Public when you want your ideas to spread. Private when it's you and a colleague”
Liked the Idea of Zipcast?

Lets see How you can zipcast. All it takes is 60 secs as slide share Promises! Its True Tried It!
First things first: You need to have a slide share account. Its absolutely Free. You can login with your Face book Id also!
To open an account click here : slideshare
Step 1 :  Load your presentation on Slide share
Step 2 :  Go to your presentation Click Zipcast on any presentation
Step 3 :  Click Zipcast on the presentation
Step 4 :  Select the Option Public or Private
Step 5 :  Enable Live Video
Step6: Invite your friends on Facebook and Twitter
The better method is plan your Zipcast  in advance invite people in advance - Inform them and reserve their time.Your friends can Invite their friends on Facebook and Twitter for a public Zipcast ! It can go viral.....
Your friends need not download any software! You need not download any software . All you need is your slide set on Slideshare!
Watch Videos for better understanding!  

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