Offline mobile navigation with mobile Gmaps

Mobile Gmaps is an Java based application for mobile phones.
Mobile maps or Mobile navigation work like this....
When you are connected to internet on your mobile, as your search and browse the maps, the map tiles are downloaded from the web and are displayed on your mobile. This is where Mobile Gmaps is  of great help even when you are offline. it helps you to download these map tiles and browse offline.
This is what you can do with offline browsing:
·        Browse maps at various zoom levels
·        Get directions from one point on map to other point
·        Track your position using GPS as you go .....and much more!

Its free.You need to be slightly tech savvy to load map tiles on your mobile. all you need to do is follow instructions given by Mobile Gmaps. I recommend a printout of these instructions!
It works fine on any Java enabled phone. I have loaded it on my Sony Ericsson and also on Samsung Wave. It works fine both on-touch and trackball and is a  great tool to get navigation in cities.
It took me about 30 mins to download and get Mumbai city map to the last possible zoom level on my mobile. Now I have  full-fledged off line Mumbai map for navigation….
Try It! I strongly recommend for all those who wish to rely on maps before they hit the road! 
                                                     What you need to do?
Step 1 :     Download Mobile G Maps(For offline  and online maps).
Download MG maps here.
Step 2:  Download map tiles to your computer
Step 3:     Transfer these Tiles on to your mobile.

For those who live in Mumbai like me, you can download the Mumbai Yahoo map tiles from the link here below.

For business traveler, Its just a matter of downloading tiles of the city he is visiting and load it on your mobile!
Its a good idea to share the city tiles. Store them on a sky drive or any other Web storage and send me the link.
Enjoy off-line navigation! 
Thank you Mobile G Maps!

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