Remote Desktop Sharing

There are occasions where,you need to access your computer at home or access your friend/colleague's computer,take control of that and work on that all from your desk!
This means,you should have the power to connect to his computer via WEB and view HIS desktop on YOUR computer and take control - may be to help him.
On his computer he can watch .... you using ... his computer !
This is called Remote Desktop Access which is available for a  number of years but, not well known.

This can be accomplished using a wonderful free software called Team Viewer.
  • It's Free
  • You can connect to another computer remotely and take control
  • Alternatively,You can allow your friend to access your computer remotely to help you!
  • You can do presentations on web with VOIP
  • You can use it on Mobile too!
Team Viewer is used by more than 100 Million Users across the world.
You can use this  Team Viewer Brochure
Here below I give the 3 Vital Steps as Given in the Brochure on how to set up team viewer.
All can be done just in two minutes...
Watch the video learn how to use Team Viewer

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