Display data on the Map

Have you ever wondered ...How to display data from an excel sheet on a Map?
There are 3 easiest ways to do so without the hassles of finding Geo-codes (Longitude and Latitude)
All these Three tools are absolutely free! and hassle free!
All you need to have is ...address and pertaining data to show it on the map!
Display data using....
1.Use Google Docs using Maps Gadget
2.Use BatchGeo
3.Use Topo
Here is the map of visitors to LCDing.com  for the last 4 weeks.
I have used BatchGeo to generate this.

I here below give videos to explain  the 3 Methods....to create maps with data!
Google Docs - 2 Videos

BatchGeo -1 Video

Topo - 1 Video

For an Advanced user who wants to experiment with slightly complicated, Yet ,downloadable maps, You can try.... in both the cases you can download the maps as KML files and view them in Google Earth.
Here are the Videos for You....
Totally awesome mapping

Map a list

Now.. Impress your Peers !

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