BRICs to Breakout Nations

A recent book named Breakout Nations by Ruchir Sharma is making news!
Here is the overview of the book as given on the website.


After a decade of rapid growth, the world’s most celebrated emerging markets are poised to slow down. What countries will rise to challenge them? In this vignette-studded world tour Ruchir Sharma, a writer and one of the world’s largest investors, offers readers a ground-up view of the forces-many unique to each nation-that will create the coming flops and rising stars in the world economy. As an era of easy money and easy growth comes to a close, China in particular will slow. Other major players including Brazil, Russia and India face their own daunting challenges and inflated expectations.
To identify the economic stars of the future, Sharma says, we should abandon the habit of extrapolating from the recent past and lumping wildly diverse countries together. We need to consider emerging markets individually and remember that sustained economic success is a rare phenomenon. The new “breakout nations” will probably spring from the margins, even from the shadows. Sharma identifies which they are most likely to be, and why, offering readers insight into how a seasoned market player sees the world. After two decades spent travelling the globe, tracking the progress of developing countries on the ground, Sharma has produced a book full of surprises: why the overpriced cocktails in Rio are a sign of revival in Detroit; how the threat of the “population bomb” came to be seen as a competitive advantage; how an industrial revolution in Asia is redefining what manufacturing can do for a modern economy; and how the coming shakeout in the big emerging markets could shift the spotlight back to strong sectors in the West, especially American technology and German manufacturing.What emerges is a clear picture of the shifting balance of global economic power, how it plays out for emerging nations and for the West. As he conducts his exploration, Sharma reveals his rules on how to spot economic success stories. Breakout Nations is a rollicking education for anyone looking to understand where the future will happen.
Here below is the 50 Mins dialogue with Ruchir Sharma on NDTV. It's a must watch.
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