I love LinkedIn.. God save it please...

LinkedIn- Started in May 2003. 
A decade later - it commands  more than 225 million users across 200 Nations. 
Today, LinkedIn announced that the age limit to join the networking site is reduced to 14 in US.
Well , that's an ambitious and a courageous move.
Is it
Repositioning? or
Market expansion? or
Category expansion ? or
Redefining the category? or 
Restating Strategy?

Whatever it may be, here are my two simple predictions 
  • LinkedIn is expanding its market at the cost of its existing customers. It will pay a price.
  • Very soon we may find some big time guy entering the same Category through mobile route as well as web presence with a desktop /Tab/Mobile app version ( By the way Linkedin's Tab/Mobile version is a poor design as ,most of us experienced ) The new player will define the rules of the game.
I am no Alvin Toffler, but it’s a strong gut feel. It seems to be defying some inexpressible rules of marketing….I wish I am proved Wrong . 
Because, I love LinkedIn.

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