SAP Lumira - Free,Fast Data Visualization to Ignite Creative Ideas

Lumira is from SAP.  Lumen is "Light" in Latin and Mira is "See" in Spanish.
SAP Lumira lets you analyze data from Excel by building interactive visualizations in a drag-and-drop environment. You can bring issues to the surface and spot anomalies immediately, then drill into details or iterate with more data for a more complete picture.
Well, It is...
  • A data visualization tool.
  • You can use Excel, quickly load  for data analytics, visualization and insights
  • Available as Desktop version & Cloud based service ( up to 1GB data storage on Cloud is Free)
  • You can share docs, analysis and collaborate with peers
It's Good.  It's Powerful. It's Free.
Though, It takes a little time to get a hang of the features and used to the menu, but once you spend couple of hours expermenting and exploring , you will be comfortable using this tool. 
Sure, an Impressive tool that has lots of Features and Benefits for Free.
Download it Here. Try it .
Watch videos here.. to Ignite Creative Ideas :-)

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