The Magic of Crystal Xcelsius...
  • Many slides and graphs to present?
  • Customized Graphs needed for each set of audience?
  • Stunning Graphs needed?
  • Graph should change as I change the Parameters in PowerPoint?
  • Graphs to be dynamic?
  • Need an absolutely free tool ?
Xcelsius is the answer ! Though the professional versions are available, an absolutely free version called CX now is available. Here is a sample of the power of Crystal Xcelsius. Its Interactive. Play with it.

Exciting? looks difficult for you to create? Take a look at the PowerPoint now

Believe me, If you know excel, you know Crystal Xcelsius! First watch the Videos to get a hang. Here are links to 3 best learning sources Download the free version. Register it on line. The Zing thing is now in your hands. Baffle your colleagues and bosses! Bring life to boring presentations. Trust me it works!

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