Crystal Ball : Pharma & Healthcare

2020 AC  After Covid19
Seven commonsensical predictions
  1. Pharma : Two clear roles in near future – the Sales Rep and "Medical" Rep
  2. Pharma's new buzzword will be "Diversify" 
  3. Chemist chains and e-pharmacies will embrace tele-medicine to sell more 
  4. Tele-Medicine kiosks new Business opportunity for pharamcists and Nurses
  5. More Pointofcare diagnostics & Wearables sales will reach newer heights
  6. Tele-medicine beyond boundaries – new medical regulation will emerge 
  7. Medical tourism : Temporary decline but steadily will increase 

WFH & Pharma - a dozen do-ables

What Medical representatives can do at home?
  1. Learn how to search using Google and Learn how to search for Medical information 
  2. Download apps - Use them: 
    • Kindle; Podcasts ; IQVIA sales view; Ted and Ted-ed ;  Flipboard; Microsoft office; Digilocker; Google Drive; Khan Academy; Microsoft ToDo; Google Keep Slide share  and Linkedin 
  3. Learn Top Basics of Excel and PowerPoint 
  4. Join a MOOC - Finish a course for yourself and your satisfaction 
  5. Correct doctor's List/ Address / Phone Nos / Pin-code / Collect Info - Doctor's Profile (key interests) 
  6. Therapy Challenge - Challenge your colleague with a good Video detailing or a Minute speech on your favourite brand and Therapy/disease 
  7. Share an Idea with the company - be an intrapreneur/ share success stories to learn from / Listen to colleagues 
  8. Think...write down - what can be stopped and still be productive 
  9. Eat Moderate - Start exercise - Meditate a bit 
  10. Watch a film a day with your family 
  11. Give time to the doctor to recoup with Corona stress - contact only if you have personal rapport. enquire about their safety. sincerely appreciate their efforts - ask if you are of any professional help - Do not sell your products! 
  12. Read about Coronavirus and COVID 19 and challenge Fake news on social media - Your Non-pharma Friends and relatives will respect you. 
What organizations  can do: 
  1. Communicate internally - Communicate to give clarity - assure people – Do not communicate - only to give work! 
  2. Do not pressurize FF on digital reach - if you cannot..they also can not 
  3. Do not over Do training and testing people knowledge and skills 
  4. Think for next 3 Months – give the training that’s useful 
  5. Teach some meditation online! Find out ways … 
  6. Ask for ideas - conduct Interviews - learn how can you be a better Employer – recognize good contributions 
  7. Conduct internal interviews – a good time for better assessments 
  8. Show them some fun free stuff like – High 5 Test 
  9. Genuinely extend professional help to the doctor 
  10. Gamify - enjoy the games – do not use games for assessments 
  11. Do a Webinar Star award... Do a Talk show with Leadership-Champion your Values? 
  12. Don’t think how to cut people – but optimize vacancies – Optimize un-productive work. Let your people know that you value them. Tell them that digital is additional support, touchpoint to Human interaction, and make them partners in future digital initiatives
What Brand Managers can do? 
  1. Go Back to Basics: If you can not answer 2 out of these 3 Ques- Go back to Basics
    1. Difference between - Pandemic, Epidemic, and Endemic?
    2. Define: Prevalence and Incidence?
    3. Explain the Hierarchy of evidence
    • Learn Excel
    • Learn PowerPoint
    • Master the formulae for metrics  - Learn to write a Business Plan
    • Learn to create P&L for your brand
    • Learn a bit of Stats - a Major part of Marketing is Mathematics
    • Learn Data visualization techniques
    • Watch Ted  and More  of Ted-ed
    • Read and follow Pharma KOLs
    • Read More about Evidence-Based Medicine
    • Read and Learn about Corona Virus and Covid-19 seriously 
    • Complete courses on digital - start with free courses 

    10 Check points : Health of a Sales organization for Sustainable performance

    1. Planned, Progressive, and Profitable Sales.
    2. Company’s relative Market Share %
    3. Mix, Span and Consistency of its brand's performance
    4. Risks and mitigation plans
    5. Basic selling processes and adherence to compliance
    6. How many hours of training each employee gets to improve them?
    7. Execution in short term, Strategy for midterm and values in long term
    8. Leadership that displays Authenticity and cares for the growth of employees
    9. How many employees are Happy Employees-Happy to work and have a sense of achievement and are being recognized for their contribution? 
    10. The organization earns profits - genuinely keen to give back a portion to the community 

    Medical Representatives – Can they be Corona Warriors?

    ~ 4 Lakh Medical reps work in India :
    • They know the basics
    • They are trained
    • They have personal report with doctors
    • They know how the health care operates

    Can the Pharma organizations and government use their services to serve in this difficult situation to contain Coronavirus spread? Can OPPI /IDMA / IPA  and Other associations get into talks with Govt and offer their help and services through Med reps ?

    What is to be done?

    • Reach out to organizations – Reach out to associations – Reach out to Trade unions.
    • Request their permission to give their field force to serve the Public under the guidance of Doctors.
    • Invite and Join the sales force on Video conf . Give them One-day training on how to contain Corona Virus
    • Give them a skill. They will learn it fast
    • Certify them as trained Corona Volunteers to serve the public at large
    • Provide them all disposable protective gear.

    What can Medical Reps Do?

    • Deploy them at clinics to screen Patients and identify possible corona infections.
    • Deploy them to offer public education on social media.
    • Deploy them with doctors to help healthcare professions.
    • Deploy them and certify them to Manage the supply chain of essential medicines.
    • They can be used for the transport of samples and medicines since all of them have personal transport
    • Each rep will be given a list of 200 houses to monitor on a weekly basis. Anyone showing symptoms of Covid will be picked up and informed by government agencies
    • Daily allowance to be paid by the government. Salary by employers.
    • All they need to be given is personal protection clothing and IR temperature monitor. 
    • If IR not available Digital devices to be used

    Of course, everyone should be given a choice to volunteer or not to - leave it to them to decide!

    Credits: Parthasarathy Ponguri

    Best apps to Learn and be Productive

    Here is the list of Apps for Medical Reps and Other Sales professionals
    • Google Primer
    • SlideShare  to Learn from presentations
    • Kindle to read books on a smartphone
    • Google Podcasts  to listen and learn
    • Ted Videos - to get motivated !
    • Flipboard  for News around the world
    • Microsoft office - for the docs on the go
    • Digilocker  - for your Personal docs - Govt of India 
    • Google Drive  - Your document repository 
    • Office lens  - Scan / whiteboard Photo 
    • Microsoft TO-DO  - ToDo list - sync with your list on your computer!
    • Google Keep - Lists and reminders
    • LinkedIn - Connect and Learn
    • Khan Academy : Learning on the go
    • Any Books  : Free books on Mobile 
    • HBR Idea Cast  : HBR Podcasts 
    • High 5 Test : Know your key strengths
    • MOOCs - massive open online course.
    • Youtube - one of the best learning app!
    • Games apps : Peak - Brain games and Training
    • Games apps : Elevate
    • Pharma

    Deployment of Field force,S&T and KPIs

    Sharing my Presentation during MedicinMan Anup Soan's "How to create winning Sales Organization' conference on 20th Dec 2017 In Mumbai

    Workshop Leader : Mr. Deep Bhandri
    Section: Understanding Territories and Deployment
    Topic : 
    How to Deploy Field force, Segmentation, and targeting of customers and key performance indicators.

    Keep Calm and Measure Run Rate

    It is important to review sales progress periodically and assess the possibility of reaching the objectives by year-end and act accordingly.
    If the progress is good, one may have to maintain the trend else take corrective actions by planning interventions to ensure that the sales objective is achieved.
    Among many techniques used, one important technique is measuring run rates.
    Run Rate simply gives you the average sales achievement for
    • Last 3 Months ( 3 Month Run Rate)  or
    • Last 6 Months  ( 6 Month Run Rate)  or
    • Last 9 Month ( 9 Month Run Rate) or
    • Last 12 Month (12 Month Run Rate) or
    • YTD run rate ( Start of the year - till this month Run Rate) and also
    • Expected Run Rate or YTG (Year to Go) Run rate.
    This simple analysis gives you an idea about the probability of you achieving your annual Sales objectives. Depending on the analysis, you can plan your interventions.
    One important point to note is that well-established seasonality exists in sales of some products /Brands and this seasonality may have to be taken into consideration while assessing the probabilities.

    Here is a simple tool, to help you assess your  Run rates in short term ( 3 Months ) , Mid-term( 6 Months ) , Long Term( 9 months ), and Loong term( 12 Months ). It also provides you YTD and YTG Run rates for your assessments.
    The Excel-based tool is simple to use. Download the Excel file here.
    Instructions to use MS-excel are given in the Excel file itself.

    Hope you will find the simple tool useful.
    Download the Excel file Here

    What is the size of each slide in my presentation ?

    Identifying the slides that are increasing the size of my presentation

    You have just finished a 'killer' presentation with lots of “Images” , “Logos” and about to send the presentation to your boss.
    You realize that it’s quite a big presentation in size and is about 20 MB.
    You cannot send such big files on mail !!

    Now , you need to understand and modify the slides to ensure that the size does not exceed 2-3 MB.
    What do you do ?
    Go slide by slide and compress pictures?

    There is an easy way out….
    Try this…
    Go to File >> Save &Send >> Publish Slides >> Publish Slides
    Once you Publish the slides, each slide gets published as a presentation itself so you will be able to know the size of each slide.
    Identify the slides and compress the images.
    For step by step details take a look at the presentation.
    Try a Bonus Link: How to Give a Killer Presentation  : HBR

    PDF,PDF and more PDFs

    There are innumerable online PDF Utilities .....All you have to do is Google!
    You may consider to use them as if the content is not confidential.
    Here is a list of most common challenges while working with PDFs and their solutions.
    • Compress a PDF  :  Try Small PDF  and PDFCompress
    • Split PDF into 2 or more PDFs : Small PDF 
    • Merge 2 or More PDFs into One FileSmall PDF 
    • Conversions : Small PDF 
    • To Unlock Restrictions in a PDF : Try PDF Unlock
    • To Protect your  PDF : Try PDF Protect
    • Most of the Utilities are with FoxyUtils 
      • FoxyUtils is the swiss army knife for PDF
    • PDF to Excel : A very useful tool that can reduce hours of work into minutes  : 
    • Create Fillable PDFs from existing PDF Forms :  try PDF Escape
    • Portable PDF tools on your Machine ( Install with-out Admin Rights) 
    • Install on Computer :  PDFill PDF Tools  : FREE PDF functions to merge, split, reorder, delete, encrypt, decrypt, rotate, crop and reformat PDF pages,  to add information, header, footer and watermark, to convert images to PDF, PDF to images or PostScript to PDF, to delete, flatten and list form fields, to scan to pdf, to create transparent image, and more.
    • Remove Password  from a PDF file: 
      • Simply, Drag and Drop it into Chrome browser.
      • Give your Password and through Chrome Browser's Menu and Print the file.
      • This Print command allows you to save the file as another PDF now.
      • Change the file name and save it as another PDF file.
      • This new file will be created without the password.
      • This simple method works for most of the files.

    Password protect your Pendrive or any drive

    BitLocker is a disk encryption feature included in most of the recent Windows  editions.
    It helps you encrypt your drives and lock it with a password.
    Its easy to use.
    Here are simple steps to follow.
    Step 1: Right Click the Drive to encrypt and lock
    Click Turn on
    Step 2:
    Type your Password
    Step 3: Save your Recovery Key as a file…. To use if you forget password
    Step 4:
    Now, Click to Encrypt your drive
    Step 5:
    wait till Windows BitLocker  Completes Encryption…
    It may take some time depending on the content of the drive
    Once your drive is Encrypted and Locked, you need to use  your Password to Open the Drive

    How to Save your PDF book to Kindle Edition

    If you wish to save some of your PDF files and Other books in PDF format onto your Kindle, here is a simple way to do it.

    Mail It to your Kindle ID!
    Every kindle account comes with its own mail id. 
    Usually, it will be
    PDFs can be converted into Kindle format. All you need to do is mention Convert in the subject line of the mail.
    In fact kindle supports  many file formats .. here is the list 
    • Microsoft Word (.DOC, .DOCX)
    • HTML (.HTML, .HTM)
    • RTF (.RTF)
    • JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG)
    • Kindle Format (.MOBI, .AZW)
    • GIF (.GIF)
    • PNG (.PNG)
    • BMP (.BMP)
    • PDF (.PDF)

    Grammarly - Your personal proof-reader

    This is what they say...
    The free Spell Checker & Grammar Checker by Grammarly helps you write clearly and confidently on Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr, and nearly anywhere else on the Web. With Grammarly, you can always be sure that your words are mistake-free and say what you mean.

    Making SFE Work for Field Force

    Presentation during #FFE2016 organized by Medicin Man Mr.Anup Soans - 16th Feb 2016 on "Making SFE Work for Field Force" FFE 2016 

    How to print a webpage without all the Junk and Ads?

    Want to save a Webpage? want to print a webpage?
    Most of the web pages contain numerous ads and unnecessary images. Printing the webpage as is wastes a lot of Ink and Paper...
    The simplest way to do so is to use a website called Print Friendly.

    All you need to do is copy and paste the URL ( the web page address) and click Print Preview. a get a clean, neat printable format without all the junk.
    You can remove images if you want and make it only text.
    Well, you can also increase or decrease the text size ( font size ) !
    You can also send the print-friendly version as an email or save it as PDF and of course, you can also print!

    Read about it in their own words....
    PrintFriendly cleans and formats web pages for a perfect print experience. PrintFriendly removes Ads, Navigation and web page junk, so you save paper and ink when you print. It's free and easy to use. Perfect to use at home, the office, or whenever you need to print a web page

    Here is how the page looks like.
    Now, take a look at the Original web page and Print-friendly outcome.
    This is before Print-friendly - shown as is with ads and Junk

    Here is with print friently. Feel the difference :-)

    MY 200 th Post on LCDing : SFE,What every pharma sales professional should know ?

    I am glad that ...this is my 200th post on LCDing.
    Here is my presentation at FFE2015 organized by Medicin Man, Anup Soans on 14th March 2015 at Hotel Westin,Mumbai

    Free PowerPoint resources

    Taken from QuickLOL.Com
    It is estimated that there are 1 Billion PowerPoint installations since its inception in 1990 with 11 versions, the latest being office 2013.
    A good PowerPoint is the starting point of a good presentation.
    It needs a good template to start with.
    There are innumerable sites offering the tools and templates.
    Here below are the sites to check out
       Free Powerpoint Templates
       Slide Hunter

    Though the templates are free to download, you may have to share the site on social media.
    It's worth giving that free advertisement for some really good templates..
    Well, we all know, There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

    Remembering Mahatma

    Mahatma’s favourite Hymns
    Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram  by Pete Seeger

    Vaishanv Janato written in the 15th century by the poet Narsinh Mehta.

    Hari Tuma Haro by Bharat Ratna MS Subbu Laxmi

    Garnish your presentations with visual splendors

    Excel and PowerPoint are The God's gifts to mankind.
    However, PowerPoint  often gets transformed in to a toxic weapon for mass production of transient zombies out of energetic corporate citizens. The paradox is , the chief ‘Execution’ officer aka the presenter is unaware of the weapon’s destructive persona and its outcomes despite his/her noble intentions.

    Well, there are ways to make your ‘Power’ Points minimally lethal and positively effective.
    We all know that 'content is the king' .Apart from that, a wise use of pictures and clip art can enhance the value of the content.
    That’s where ShapeChef from Wolsoft comes handy.
    Shape chef is a PowerPoint add-in for  2007,2010 and 2013 versions.

    This chef is an expert in garnishing your presentations and can spice up your content with Pics and can make visual splendors out of PowerPoints suffering from Acute Textitis. (Inflammation due to profusion of text)


    Wolsoft introduces an awesome add-in , ShapeChef that can be handy in collecting, organizing, sharing and choosing the right clip art for your message.
    With ShapeChef at your disposal,

    • You can download hundreds of clip arts, shapes, editable maps, stick figures with emotions, icons, symbols and many other and use them in your presentations.( well, more and more are in store for you with newer versions of  Shapechef)
    • All the clipart available with ShapeChef are sketched ones. These hand sketched clip-art can add a dash of beauty of their own.
    • You can organize clip-arts in to categories and sub categories for easy access.
    • You can create your own clip-art using the shapes and store and share them.
    • The best part is the Maps !  and, these are editable !
    • You can also share your collections-online in the cloud. So, you have anytime any where access to your clips.
    • You can invite others and others can invite you too… that means, you have access to many more creations from others too J
    • Using ShapeChef is easy.
    • Download the trial version. Here.
    • I recommend that you download the trial version, check its awesomeness,get satisfied and then buy it. I usually do not recommend any software to be bought . But, ShapeChef is one exception :-)
    When installed, it gets loaded in to PowerPoint as an Add-in and shows up as a menu in your PowerPoint menu ribbon.
    • You need to download the Cliparts once and they reside on your computer.
    • Drag and drop them on to your slide.
    • Increase / decrease their size as per your need
    • Cook visual spenders with your PowerPoints using ShapeChef.
    Shape chef introduction

    Here is my quick Gyan as a demo of Shape Chef... I created it in flat 10 mins....

    Wi Fi

    Glad to share that this presentation featured on Slideshare Home Page :-)

    How to Transfer / share very BIG files over net ?

    Big files ? WeTransfer

    Need to transfer a file of size over 1GB ?
    Here is a free tool. Wetransfer.
    You can transfer files upto a Max of 2 GB size!!! Absolutely free.
    The procedure is very simple.
    as simple as....
    Add .Transfer.Confirm.
    Watch the demo video....

    The "r" in "Dr" for Debit

    It's customary to write Debit on the Left side and Credit on the Right side in double-entry accounting system.

    The difference between the total of all debits and the total of all credits is the "Balance". 
    The genesis of these words dates back to a little over 500 Years and the credit goes to an Italian named Friar Luca-Pacioli.
    Friar Luca-Pacioli. is the first to use the Latin terms
    Credre  meaning "to entrust something"‘: Short form "Cr" and
    Debere  meaning "to owe someone"  : Short form "Dr" 
    (That's how "r" in Dr from Debere ).
    Later, these words got transformed into ‘Debit and Credit’.

    Auto Back up Excel Working : No surprises :-)

    When you work with large files or huge quantum of data in excel, you may have experienced that the excel is struck and all that you have is Ctrl+Alt+Del.
    Here comes a good tool that does a backup of all excel files you open. ( works with Excel 2003, 2007)
    Author is Filipe Zeferino (
    Thank you Filipe.
    It’s an excel add in.
    You can download it from @Downloads.
    Download from Author's site: Autobackup Excel

    Follow the simple procedure to load it.
    • Save the file on the desktop
    • Copy it. Go to My computer > C: drive and paste it there
    • Open an excel workbook
    • Go to Tools>Add-ins>browse
    • Locate the file in C: drive and then click OK
    • The auto-backup add-in loads. Follow a simple menu to complete the install.
    • Now just don't happy :)

    The proverbial powers that rule the world : Money-Muscle-Mind

    The Hindu Mythology Personifies the Proverbial Powers that rule the world as TRIDEVI (Three Goddess) 
    1. The Lakshmi , Goddess of Wealth Signifying "Money" 
    2. The Pravathi , Goddess of  Power Signifying "Muscle"  and 
    3. The Saraswathi , Goddess of Knowledge Signifying "Mind"

    Goddess Lakshmi - Goddess Parvathi  - Goddess Saraswathi

    Does the combination of " Money-Muscle-Mind"  sound quite familiar?
    Well, they are the powers mentioned in Alvin Toffler's Power shift.

    Lord Krishna ! Whats up ?

    We all  read about Whats-app in the recent news. It reminded me of a story from Indian Mythology .
    Here is the story....
    Satyabhama, one of the eight wives of Lord Sri Krishna, performs a ritual to possess Lord Sri Krishna all to herself.
    The ritual ends by donating Lord Krishna to a sage named 'Narad' in the name of charity and reclaiming him back with anything that equals his weight measured with a simple balance.

    When Lord Sri Krishna was weighed, Satyabhama failed to equal his weight in Gold, Money and All other Material Possessions. 

    In an last attempt to salvage, she pleads Rukmini, another wife of lord Sri Krishna to give something that can weigh or rather outweigh Lord Sri Krisha .

    Rukmini , Lord Sri Krishna's wife and his devotee, places a “Tulasi twig (Basil Twig) embedded with all her devotion” in the other pan of the balance.

    This small Tulasi Twig embedded with devotion outweighs Lord Krishna.

    This miracle ( Leela) by lord Sri Krishna is a demonstration that Devotion outweighs all Material possessions.

    No doubt, this story from Hindu Mythology has similarity to the present marketing world.
    We often see Million dollar marketing programmes by corporate Giants evaporate and the one solution with rich insight and intent to serve the customer is the winner.
    Does it Ring any bells ? 
    Whatsapp and Google hangouts!!

    For a better narration of the same Mythological story. take a look at this blog post from 

    The New Age Resumes n' Resignations :-)

    People are re-inventing resume. That’s what I see happening on the web world. At least, a part of the world appears to have moved away from traditional curriculum vitae.
    A New Age Resume can creatively harness the power of communication channels to get you the right job you love.
    Before I talk about new age resumes, 
    I believe, one must have a primordial Google Resume.
    Google Resume : 
    If you are not on Google you do not exist.
    Yes, At least in the corporate world. So Google is your primordial resume.
    Manage it with your presence on WWW.
    Give more to W3  & Get Richer on Google.

    Coming back to Resumes, I believe that a resume should answer the 5W-1H’s

    A New Age Resume?
    ( Who,Where,When,Why,What and How)
    It should represent
    Who you are, 
    Where you work , 
    When you did What ,
    Why you are the best, 
    What you are good at, 
    How you can bring in value. 
    In essence, It should showcase your Knowledge, Skill and Will. 

    Here, I present you  creative ways of "selling you and your story"

    ~  Video Resumes
    ~   PowerPoint Resume
    ~   Webinar Resume
    ~   Live Resume
    ~   LinkedIn Resume
    ~   Infographic Resume
    ~   Other Awesome Resumes 

    Video resume : 
    is a most comprehensive way to present one's self. You will not only be able to showcase your skills and abilities but also show the prospective employer you look and behave. 
    The advantage of a video resume is .. It aids you to showcase your positive body language.

    PowerPoint Resume : 
    is the easiest, most effective resume. Get inspired by these Powerpoint resumes on Slide Share. I am sure, it can bring in lots of value and creative ideas.
    Get Inspired: 30 Best Visual PowerPoint Résumés for your Inspiration

    Webinar Resume : 
    It is a mix of visual, audio as well as PowerPoint. It can showcase your knowledge on a subject.
    Use Google Hangouts, Slide share Zipcast or TeamViewer or anymeeting to conduct Free webinars and get noticed.

    Live Resume :
    You can make your Online presence your resume. Your website, Your Facebook, Your Twitter, Your Pinterest, Your Scoopit, Your Blog, Your LinkedIn, Your Comments on social media, Your likes and Your responses on online forums your Live Resume.
    Your website can be your CV, Your online creativity can become your CV.
    We all should know our profiles on Linkedin are our resumes, Live and Kicking....

    Philippe Dubost created that is a look-alike of Amazon Product page. 
    It's gone Viral. Take a look at his live resume....

    Take a look at this post in Business get Inspiration...

    LinkedIn Resume : 
    Fortunately, LinkedIn offers many features to garnish your profile, showcase your work ( of course without conflict of interest with your present organization)
    The three rules for the best resume on LinkedIn are..
       1. Complete in all aspects. ( Take LinkedIn suggestions/ Improve your profile wizard)
       2. Showcase your work
       3. Get Recommendations

    Infographic Resume :
    Infographic is using an image to communicate data or Visualizing Infirmation
    Creating infogram  is easy...Use 
    Here are Visualizations on Pintrest to get inspiration
    Infographic Visual Resumes on Pinterest

    If you find it difficult to create your own visualization,
    you can try the easiest 
    or try out the brilliant  Resum.Up
    Where  visualization of your resume is made easy and you can get awsome Visual Resumes.

    Other Awesome Resumes :

    Twesumes : 
    Twisume is 140 Character Twitter message that is a crisp Bio-data coupled with the hash tag #twesume.
    Take a look at this Twisume of Santa Claus
    Santa Claus: World traveller and toy expert. 300+ years management experience. Looking for a position in the entertainment industry. #twesume
    as it can connect the prospective  recruiter to your Twitter account, Your profile and tweets showcase your Skill, Will and Knowledge...
    Look for more on  Mashable article on Twisume

    Phone App as Resume :
    a Good idea to explore.Still a niche.. but a creative way to do so.. to showcase your skills.

    Creative Resumes : 

    Here are some very very creative resumes showcased in  Bored Panda 
    Here is a sample...

    The new age resignations...

    In the new age of communications, even resignations are made sensational... Thus sometimes making them as Heroes and New Opportunities knocking their doors despite their controversial yet, creative resignations.

    Musical Resignation that had gone viral....

    However, I caution... Do not emulate...
    Why the ‘Joey Quits’ Video Is A Seriously Bad Career Move
    Here is a Dancing to Resignation that also had gone viral....

    If you wish to know more about resignations read  the article 

    Five 'kick a__' resignations that went viral...

    Epilogue: Resume or Resignation... Win Hearts... Let people remember you for the Right Reasons....