Using applications without admin rights! Yet, respecting Admin!

Most of the Computers/Laptops given by corporates to their employees have restricted adminstrative privilages. However, the users need to accomplish some rotine tasts and may need software other than the ones provided by corporates.
The simple example is use of Chrome browser instead of Internet explorer.
But, employee is not allowed to install Chrome!
What do you do?
That's where, Portable applications come very handy!
Portable applications are small programmes of the original,that are indipendent of the operating system and can be run from a USB drive or a CD drive with out installing them on the computer!
Here is the list of portable applications you can rely on...
You have a choice of downloading each of them seperately or you can download a suit.
All of them absolutely free!
Remember- You can carry these applications in a Pendrive where ever you go and you have a spectrum of applications to work where ever you are! Suite and Platform
Here are Individual programmes. Download them and use respecting the organizational restrictions!
Portable App Directory



Graphics & Pictures


Music & Video




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