Data Calisthenics : Gapminder Motion Chart - 5 ways to create these Motion Chart with your own data

Sometime back I wrote blog post on Gapminder.
It’s one of the most viewed posts. Here is the link for the same:
Having used and worked with the motion chart, I found that many are fascinated by the insights a Motion Chart (Gapminder) throws out. 
Boring stats Can be transformed into brilliant data dancing!
As I explore the Web world, I find many have tried various methods of presenting data the Gapminder way
Here I list out the possibilities I have come across.
It's a compilation of various methods of creating Motion Charts.
Each one is a masterpiece.. and efforts are worth a zillion claps....
The First: Use Google Docs
            The easiest way to make data dance.....
            Google Docs: MotionChart  : a Chart type in Google Docs
            Another link to explore is Quick Guide to Motion Chart
Here below is an example created by me with the Population and GDP of BRIC TM over a period of time.
The Second: Use Excel
            Making it possible in excel
Jon Peltier, author of the famous site writes a post on how you can create motion charts in excel. Here is the link to his post
Jorge Camoes in his famous blog excelcharts. Here is his post
Anand from his brilliant blog
Here is the link to his post
The Third: Use Tableau
Andy Cotgreave in his Awesome Blog  Thedatastudio created a Motion chart with all possible paraphernalia on Tableau
here below are the links to his posts

The Fourth: Use Crystal Xcelsius

The Fifth : Use TrendCompass from Epic systems
          Trend compass is commercial software from Epic systems.
          Trend compass uses the basic idea of showing five variables in a single graph
          (X,Y,Bubble size, Bubble Color and Time) as a motion chart.
The user interphase is quite intuitive and simple to create Visualizations. However, for first time user, arranging data may be a challenge. The simple solution is to follow Trend Compass's instructions and their model of Excel to arrange data.
Trend Compass helps you present your business data from your own desktop without the hassle of connecting to the internet and hopping between presentation and web.
Here is a demo of Trendcompass from the website
You can download a demo version that works for 30 days....

For those who want to start from the basics, you can watch the video below from Steve

Last but not least...

You can download Gapminder for desktop
Yet another great site for data is OECD- Factbook
Though You can not use these with your own data, You have enough and more to explore..