Netiquette: the unspoken rules of Net
There is hardly a day where you have not accessed your mail or browsed the net.
It’s now a part of our everyday life. That's why you must know and follow netiquette else you will be the looser!
Here are seven important rules:
  1. e-mail subject line: Always add subject line. Without subject line you e-mail is lost in pile of e-mails the recipient has. I dare say without subject line you e mail is junk!
  2. Avoid all Caps: All caps are difficult to read and in web world, all caps mean you are yelling, you are a primitive netizen and you are uncivilized cyber citizen! Just imagine some caricature yelling at you! I do not want you to be that caricature!
  3. Large e–mail attachments: They clog the mail boxes. The receiver will curse you! Never send large attachments.If sending large mail is inevitable, first ask permission,zip the file and send.
  4. e-mails - Forward all: Every day we receive enough and more mails forwarded by friends and colleagues with all good intentions. Please understand that no one has time to do social service on e-mail. These chain mails are meant to collect e-mail IDs and send ads and spam. It’s a business! Your emotions are being user by someone for their business.Never forward such the chain mails.Not ready to believe? Just go to Google and read about chain e-mails. No company ever pays dollars for forwarding e-mails. If it were true, Apple and Microsoft would have become bankrupt by now…
  5. e-mails - Reply all: Many organizations have their separate e-mail clients. Never click reply all unless absolutely needed. Now see what happens with reply all ... Sameer sends a mail using to bulk address to all his company colleagues including the CEO,CFO and all unknown colleagues in his organization that he is blessed with a child. Now a friend of Sammer enthusiastically clicks reply all and sends "Congrats". What happened? Sameer is blessed with a son and everyone is being congratulated as if it is an outcome of collective effort!
  6. Lottery: Never ever fall a pray to mails proclaiming you as winner of lottery or heir of million dollar property. They are all Hoax. You will be cheated. Just search Google on the subject.Read and understand before replying such fraudulent e-mails. Do not fall a pray.
  7. On the web, Chat and e-mail “Never say what you will never say in Public”. The golden rule is “Do unto others as you'd have others do unto you”.

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