Make life easy with Shortcuts

The Excel & The PowerPoint.
Like them or hate them! You have no choice. 
You may say to yourself that this need not be your core skill. But deep in your heart, you know, you must be fairly conversant with these Two 'God's Gifts' to corporate mankind for your survival. 
Here are PowerPoint and excel shortcuts that can make your life easy. These were chosen after careful consideration of the everyday work of an executive.

The Primordial necessities: Both Excel and PowerPoint
~ CTRL+A : Select
~ CTRL+C : Copy
~ CTRL+V : Paste
~ CTRL+Z : Undo the mistake
~ CTRL+S  : Save
~ F7 :Spell Checker
PowerPoint S.Cuts.,
~ CTRL+ M : Insert New Slide
~ CTRL+SHIFT + > or < : Increase or Decrease font Size
~ CTRL+ K : Create a Hyperlink
~ F5 : Go to Presentation Mode
~ Shift + F5 - View the slide show from the current slide forward
~ B or . (Period) : In the presentation mode to make the screen go Blank/Black and back to Presentation.
~ Home: Go to the First slide. 
~ End : Go to the Last Slide
Excel  S.Cuts.,
CTRL +Arrow keys : Go to the end of a Range ( Use Up/Down/Right/Left arrow keys)
~ CTRL+ Pageup or Page Down : Switch between worksheets
~ SHIFT+ Arrow Keys : Select a Cell Range
~ CTRL+SHIFT+Page up/Page down : Select a cell Range to the last cell with Data
~ ALT+ENTER  : Insert a new line within a cell
~ F2 : Check the formula references
~ F4 : Add $ sign for a Reference
~ F11 : Select a cell range and show an instant graph.
Use them regularly. They can save your time! 
Lots of Your Time. Trust me!

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