Word Web

Need a Free Dictionary and Thesaurus? Here is one calles WordWeb. Read what they say...
WordWeb is a one-click English thesaurus and dictionary for Windows that can look up words in almost any program. It works off-line, but can also look up words in web references such as the Wikipedia encyclopedia. Features of the free version include:
  • Definitions and synonyms
  • Related words
  • 5,000 audio pronunciations
  • 65,000 text pronunciations
  • 150,000 root words
  • 120,000 synonym sets
Look up words in almost any program.Millions of people from all over the world use this top-rated software.
....and they are true.Its Free! Go for it... Here are the links...Word Web 
Here is the download Link. Click the link to Download. Download Word Web

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