Trendline to tales…

The most uncomfortable situation for a sales manager is to predict next month sales with near accuracy. The paradox is that he is always confident and comfortable in predicting sales after two years…
Conversely in Mathematics, It’s just the other way round. Unless it’s MathemaTRICKS!

You come across this incongruity every now and then in the domain of sales.
The use of Trendline is one of the good methodologies to forecast sales with a fair degree of certainty. 

That's why it a prerequisite to understanding trend lines to learn to forecast.
Here is a PowerPoint presentation for you to understand better.

The easiest way to create trend lines without much ado is to use God’s gift to the corporate citizen, "The spreadsheets". I used excel for this.

Do not hesitate to click the link and download the PowerPoint.
Copy it, Use it, Distribute it.

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