Slideshare - Present yourself

Need some one to appreciate your presentation ?
Do you wish to share your knowledge with the world ?
Want to Showoff your Knowledge and skills to your professional peers ? 
You can link it to your Linkedin account ! Post It on Facebook and Twitter!
Wish to reach your customers in an innovative way ? Tell your story and track leads?
Slide share is a great site to present yourself to the world.
Approximately 10 visitors to the site every second!
Here is a presentation . Why should you use slideshare ?
This is what slide share says....
Some of the things you can do on SlideShare

    • Embed slideshows into your own blog or website.
    • Share slideshows publicly or privately. There are several ways to share privately.
    • Synch audio to your slides.
    • Market your own event on slideshare.
    • Join groups to connect with SlideShare members who share your interests.
    • Download the original file

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