Absolutely free software

You need various software and tools to accomplish multiple tasks on the go.
Sometimes you may need software for your home computer. 
Thanks to Open source, you have a plethora of options to choose from.
Most of the free tools can compete in their completeness and functionality with any well-known brand in its software category.
With cloud computing catching up, you will find many players offering online tools. 
Most of them free of cost! The best example is free Office 2010 - on the cloud!
Sometimes you may not be able to load them due to security and administrative restrictions on official computers/ laptops. The best way is to respect the restrictions and use Portable applications that would directly work from a USB drive. If USB drives are restricted, Online tools come in handy!
Learning and using free tools is learning to do more with less!
Here is a list of tools available freely on the net for you to download and use! Go and get them!
I have given clickable links to the software in the presentation. Click the software to download them.
Alternatively, you can go to Download.cnet.com and download them.

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