Beware... Busy Executive

I wish to draw the attention of  Busy Executive to the three most common pitfalls in using ... Google, Linked In and  Spell Check.

Inspiration from Google ;-)
Many a time you receive Motivating emails, Impressive quotations, elegantly crafted CVs, Well drafted letters and Reports with linguistic gymnastics.
Copy a couple of sentences and Google them. Bingo. 
You will reach the original article! The right word is Plagiarism.
It’s not uncommon for a busy executive to copy content from the Internet and create presentations and documents. The same is true while using documents from your colleagues.
Whenever you are dealing with office documents, you must remember, the official documents carry with them their properties.
What are the properties of a document?
Go to FILE in the menu on the document >> Click on PROPERTIES
You will be amazed to see the extent of information available.
Details like TITLE, AUTHOR may cause embarrassment if you have copied someone else’s file and updated the same file.
Change the author's name and other properties if you wish to avoid embarrassments.
Maybe many are not aware of the document properties… However, YOU must know!
Imagine if you had copied the CV format of your colleague and just changed the contents here and there and it goes to an HR guy who knows how to check the properties of a document!
The embarrassment is completely avoidable.
LinkedIn… it's powerful with more than 175 million users. 17 Plus are from India!
India rocks with second-highest users after the USA17 Plus Mio are from India!
If you wish to use LinkedIn for “personal branding”, do not forget to…

Be visible…add Photo, complete profile in all respects.
Recommendations …get them.
Add value …join groups and participate in discussions.
Network … connecting is not collecting…
Differentiate yourself by demonstration of skills through Slide share and Bolg link..

Though certain exposure is important, overexposure may be counterproductive! If you want to protect your privacy, change the settings so that, you can control who can see your updates!
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Spell Check :
Today’s executives in most corporates are either Gen X or Gen Y who were brought up in the internet milieu and very few have learned traditional, almost extinct typewriters! 
The result is a high degree of dependence on computers!
With extensive use of computers, you are vulnerable to bloopers!
Complete faith and trust in spell checker!
A spell checker can guarantee you "correctly spelt words in a wrong context!"

sea this example 

Dear Mad am,
I am Robert. This has reference to the telecon we had this morning regarding the role of communication export. I understand that man ageing communications is knot a joke. I am glad to inform that I attained expertise in this field as manger communications as I lead a team. I am known to be an excellent pubic speaker. would love to meat you in person to discus the some issue. I request you to send me the data and time for meeting. Please do give a massage to confirm the same. Mr. James, the HR executive must also be waiting for this massage to insure that he is present during the meeting. Please piss on the information. The summery bellow should help you prepare for the meeting. I wish to inform you that seven mules and one female colleague from our department will also be cum and  attend the meeting.
Warm regards,
Not even a single spelling error! WOW!
All errors are typo errors! 
Most often, the problem is homophones ,similar sounding words like “their” and “there” and also with similar spelling words like “manager” and “manger”.
Check the list of British English Homophones
However, Good News is here....
Office 2007 and 2010 introduced Contextual spell checker!

Follow these steps to activate the contextual spell checker:
Step 1: Click office button
Step 2: Open Word Options
Step 3: Click Proofing

Step 4: In the When Correcting Spelling and Grammar in Word section, select the Use Contextual Spelling check box. Now Click OK. That's it!
God bless the team and Bill Gates!

By the way. Here though this deals with issues like time management and prioritization,Focus-energy, here is a 2002 publication from HBR titled Beware The Busy Manager
You can download this HBR article.

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