Sales Forecasting : Easy and Simple

Sales Forecasting is a Paradox. 

Theoretically, Faaaarther the Period, Poorer the Reliability.
Whereas, in the real world its the opposite...This month, not very sure; year end, guarantee. ;-)
I may not solve the Paradox but, here is a easy and simple tool to forecast sales.
Two simple rules and a bit of Stats were used to create this tool in Excel.
       ~ The near future most likely will be an extension of our known past....
           Like we know that tomorrow should more or less will be like today...The Armageddon is far away
       ~  Seasonality exists in sales and the reason may not always be the Mother nature
           Like we know soft drinks sell during summer and on a sales closing day, we do more sales
Download the Excel and take a look at the Powerpoint to understand and use the tool.
This is a DOCOMO stuff! (Download,Copy and Modify at your will...You can find them @Downloads