Mega Pixel mania!

In layman’s language, a Megapixel means a dot on the picture.In tech parlance, 
MP is one million pixels. 
when the common says more the mega pixels , better the quality of picture.

Wrong ! Mega pixel has very little to do with the quality of photograph.

Its a sales gimmick.
Quality of photo depends on your skills not on MP! 

If it is not quality what else MP is for? 
It’s for the size of the photograph.
A 16 MP can get you 16.40" x 10.88" size at 300 PPI(Pixels per inch).

Do you really need that size?
When was the last time you got your digital photos printed?

Have you ever wondered why MP is not a talking point of high-end digital SLR cameras.Whereas,simple point and shoot cameras - hoo-hah about MP.

Do not take my word on Mega pixel!
Read an article from The New York Times that appeared way back in 2007

So the moral is , 
Don't get perturbed when you see ads for 16 MP. 
Your good old 5 MP is not yet obsolete!
If you are buying a new one,do not pay for MP.
Pay for other features like light sensor and pixel quality (not MP), zoom ratio etc.
These far more important!

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