20 Vital Sales and Marketing Metrics

Today, we have abundant data, better information, fair knowledge and poor insight. Encountering wisdom is a rare occurrence! 
The data is out there on our spreadsheets, databases and hard disks.
Here are 20 simple effective metrics for a Sales manager and a Brand Manager.
It is not all these metrics, probably an ideal combination of one or two of these metrics for a given business problem can show a direction - The right direction. 
The wisdom is finding out the combination. I leave the choice to you.
Lastly, as some one aptly puts it,
  • A collection of data is not information.
  • A collection of information is not knowledge.
  • A collection of knowledge is not wisdom.
  • A collection of wisdom is not truth.
Do not hesitate to click the link and download the PowerPoint.
Copy it, Use it, Distribute it.

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