Online Survey or Quiz - Absolutely Free and No Limitations: Google Forms

Want an Opinion Poll ?  Wish to conduct a Survey ? Planning a Quiz after a training programme ?
Think Google.
Free online quiz or survey is made easy with Google Docs. You can use Forms to create on line quiz.Its easy and very intutive. 
You can create questions with various answer options like
  • Text
  • Paragraph
  • Multiple choice
  • Check boxes
  • Choose from a List
  • Scale and 
  • Grid
Google provides many themes to garnish your quiz. 
The created Quiz/Survey can be sent by integrating with the mail. Moreover you can  collect and analyze the responses in real time. 
The data gets loaded in to Google Spreadsheet thus making analysis of data easy!
You can download data in to spreadsheets on to your desktop.
Pre-formatted summary is also available for a quick look.
Next time when you plan for a Online Quiz, 
Rely on Google Docs.
You can even embed the form in to your website. 
Alternatives are 
Survey Monkey and
Survey Gizmo
Most of the basic features are free but you may find few limitations.
Google Docs is limitation free :-)
Its simple, easy and free.
Incase you need help Refer to Google forms.
Here is the link: Google forms-Help

Take a tour...


  1. I read this article, this article very informative and interesting..I refer your blog to many of my friends as well.
    Thanks for sharing knowledge..
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    1. Thanks a lot Ms.Angelina. I am glad you liked the Article.

  2. Dear Mahesh

    Thank you for these informative videos and for introducing Google docs. My most grateful thanks once again for sharing so much information, knowledge and usable tools. I always learn new things from your blog and am eternally grateful.

    Stacey Leigh

  3. Google forms are great solution to create online quiz or surveys. And it also helping companies recruit their employees by creating only resume forms! You can also try this PanXpan (an analytics software) that has a Survey Response Analysis module which can help with this. It's a cost effective software. It's free to try and after that only costs $10 a month.

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