Live web pages in PowerPoint

There will be many occasions where you wanted to show a live webpage in PowerPoint without moving away from the presentation.
This is where  Live Web Pages for PowerPoint will be of great use...This is a small Simple and easy to use add-in for PowerPoint.
You can insert Live Web Pages in a slide and can also refresh the webpage during a slideshow or live presentation.
This add-in is one from a fantastic Powerpoint add-ins created by a Micorosft's Most Valuable Professional  Shyam Pillai.
LiveWeb - insert and view web pages real-time.
How to use this Live Web is explained Step by Step in this blog.Here is the link.

How to use Live Web Pages for Powerpoint

I recomment you to browse  Shyam Pillai's site  for many useful tips and PowerPoint Add-ins.

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