Quick Leadership Assessment : Korn Ferry Assessment tool

Need a quick Leadership assessment? 
Want to know your hidden strengths and blind spots?
Try this new tool on LinkedIn . All you need is 10 minutes of time.
It's Free! I recommend it . Try it now. Enjoy....

You will discover your Top 5 Leadership characteristics. You need to follow 3 Steps that would take about 10 minutes of your time.

These 3 Steps are :
    Step 1 : Strength Sort : This takes about 5 minutes
    Step 2 : Weakness Sort : This takes about 3 minutes
    Step 3 : Word Pairs : This takes about 2 minutes

After completing the assessment, you will be able to download a personalized report.
You can share results on LinkedIn and also request your LinkedIn connections to assess you. 
You may discover hidden strengths and also your blind spots.

You can use LinkedIn version or an online version -Whichever suits you!

Here are the links...
Korn Ferry Assessment on Linkedin
Korn Ferry Assessment : Online Version
Korn Ferry Website
Using Assessments : A PDF for your understanding.

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