PAIN is now PAN

Photo Source : AFP
'Polio Free India': School children form 'Polio Free India' 
during their awareness campaign in Hyderabad.

PAIN an Acronym for Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and Nigeria , the countires where Polio is endemic.
14th Jan 2012 is a D-Day for India , when it crossed the 12 month Polio Free benchmark.The last case of Polio of a two-year-old female child was reported from West Bengal on 13th January 2011.
12-month mark of 'No Polio Case' in India was lauded by WHO as "India's greatest public health achievement".
Now, it is for the PAN (Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria )to conquer this crippling disease. Let's hope that Polio disappears from this world soon.

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