Extracting bounced back email IDs from Outlook : Addressing the pain point in e-mail marketing

Email  marketing is abuzz! 
With great efforts you collect e mail Ids. With greater enthusiasm you send e-mails.
Click Send.
Give the system a sec…A series of bounced mail ids land in to your Inbox…. 
The reason , Wrong Mail Ids…..
Now the job is to compile all wrong mail Ids from all those bounce back mails or Wrong mail Ids. It’s dreadfully painful (Is this expression correct ?)to go to each return mail and collect the Id.
Recently I faced similar challenge! 
I Googled and bumped in to looooong Macros. 
Some suggested Import export…I tried and failed with all those solutions and may be because of ability to understand and execute the solution... and then….
Falsh $#@%^&* Flash…….!
New Idea !   Indian Jugad ! Quick and Dirty !
The Idea is as simple as ... Select , Copy and Paste.
Ctrl + A , Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V.
Here below is the explanation….
Open the  Outlook  .
Keep all mail Delivery failures in a Folder. Now do the following as shown in...
Picture 1 : On the fields bar , Select Field Chooser
Picture 2 : Menu Opens up like this. Drag to  the fields bar
Picture 3 : Now you have  “to” Mail Id and Other fields
Now It's just  Ctrl + A , Ctrl + C .
Open Excel and Ctrl + V.

Bingo… Now you have an excel with a column full of wrong mail Ids....
It was an eureka moment when I found the simplest solutionI was remembering the story...Americans had spent millions of dollars to invent a pen that writes in space where as Russians wrote with pencil !
Jugaad Zindabad

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