Text Visualizations with manyeyes

Text and Data visualization ? Try many eyes.
You can explore and create spectacular and compelling data visualizations. The name of the site is apt as you can view data through "manyeyes".
You need to register to log in to use your own data. 
well in addition to normal visualizations, the best part of the site is text analytics. This is quite important in the context that everyone is viewing to get insights of from huge piles of data generated on social media! Bringing out essence from text is made possible through various text analytical tools available.
Here, I present you the way religions describe The God. I have taken from Internet how various religions describe The God.
Sabka Malik Ek......means - One God Governs All
This is how It appears if I create a Word Cloud without editing data!

This is an example.
You can load your own data like text of your own speech, text from an article etc. and analyze the essence of the text!
Just to ignite your thoughts... 
~ Use the brand message text...
~ Use your CEO's Speech...
~ Use your brand detailing story...
~ Use text from your own presentation....
~ Use Ted Transcripts
I recommend Word Cloud  and Word Tree 
Word Cloud to know what the audience will hear from you (Top most repeated words. Obviously! )
Word Tree to know how a word is contexted.
Visit the site Watch the Video to learn more! Click the link. 

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