Deja vu.. Black Berry

It was couple of years ago , myself and my colleagues on our way to office were discussing ‘Blackberry Boys' and we all felt that BB will die soon. 
We could peep in to the future with ease...easily but wonder how BB missed it and messed it! It is Hot on web to discuss reasons for BB’s debacle...
However, My take is…
  • Respect the Customer.
  • Listen.
  • Unlearn to Re-learn.
Starting from the day your confidence gets appended with ‘over’, your days are numbered. 
Take a look at videos. they thought that it's market shaping ! 
Well, the market shaped the RIM.
Two years later, RIM is dead and BB10 is a new avatar.
If BB is to to rise like a Phoenix, It will have to patiently wait for i Phone or Samsung to do the same mistake!
Not surprisingly, I get a sense of deja vu after I phone 5 launch and I phone 6 preview.
This is the ' Market Shaping' Black Berry Indian ad..

Here is an article closely related to this article from Strategy+Business


  1. Yes I very much remember the same discussion. And saw it turning in reality.

  2. Mahesh,

    This is a great post. I agree BB lost its script when it tried to expand the product to different segments. What I can't agree on is that the idea to do so was wrong. What if they had expanded the product to include upgraded tech, features etc? Would they have a mover advantage over Android? After all, BB had that equity before the other OS. So here's the Q: Was the intent to expand bad or was the execution (taking the same product to other segments) bad?

  3. @ Salil Kallianpur. Thanks a lot for your comment and complement.
    You made my day :-)
    Its Definitely the Execution and importantly the attempt to re position.
    I believe they did mess- up with Repositioning. Additionally poor customer insight and lack of innovation nailed the coffin.
    Finally, we have BBM preloaded on Micromax
    Is it a last attempt or a last straw?
    We must wait and watch for the repositioning attempts (or expansion of customer base ) of iPhone and LinkedIn( opening doors to teenagers)
    Recent noises on LI that it’s not fb – is it shape of things to come?
    Loved The discussion on fb