PDF to PPTX : Converting PDFs to Powerpoint : Absolutely free

So, you need to convert a PDF in to a PowerPoint.  
This usually happens when you get "Inspired" by some presentation from Slideshare.
Here is a simple way to do so by using..

1. PDFill : PDFill is a brilliant piece of software which is absolutely free and can do lots of amazing things with PDF Files.You can download it here.

2. PowerPoint : Hope you have Office 2010 .
In case you donot have one try the best free alternative : Open Office 4.0

Two  Simple Steps
Step 1 :
Use PDFill to convert all pages of PDF in to Images  and store them in a folder.
All pages will get converted in to pictures in an instant.

Step 2 :
Use "Photo Album" feature to convert all the images created with PDFill in to slides.
All pictures in the folder will get converted in to pictures in to a presentation in a jiffy.

Next time when you have a challenge to convert a PDF to PowerPoint, Remember me :-)

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