The New Age Resumes n' Resignations :-)

People are re-inventing resume. That’s what I see happening on the web world. At least , a part of the world appears to have moved away from traditional curriculum vitae.
A New Age Resume can creatively harness the power of communication channels to get you the right job you love.
Before I talk about new age resumes, 
I believe, one must have a primordial Google Resume.
Google Resume : 
If you are not on Google you do not exist.
Yes, At least in corporate world. So Google is your primordial  resume.
Manage it with your presence on WWW.
Give more to W3  & Get Richer on Google.

Coming back to Resumes, I believe that a resume should answer the 5W-1H’s

A New Age Resume ?
( Who,Where,When,Why,What and How)
It should represent
Who you are, 
Where you work , 
When you did What ,
Why you are the best, 
What you are good at, 
How you can bring in value. 
In essence , It should showcase your Knowledge, Skill and Will . 

Here, I present you  creative ways of "selling you and your story"

~  Video Resumes
~   Power Point Resume
~   Webinar Resume
~   Live Resume
~   LinkedIn Resume
~   Info graphic Resume
~   Other Awesome Resumes 

Video resume : 
is a most comprehensive way to present one's self. You will not only be able to showcase your skills and abilities but also show the prospective employer you look and behave. 
The advantage of video resume is .. It aids you to showcase your positive body langauge.

PowerPoint Resume : 
is the easiest , most effective  resume. Get inspired by these Powerpoint resumes on Slide Share. I am sure , it can bring in lots of value and creative ideas.
Get Inspired : 30 Best Visual PowerPoint Résumés for your Inspiration

Webinar Resume : 
It is a mix of visual, audio as well as powerpoint. It can showcase your  Knowledge on a subject.
Use Google Hangouts, Slide share Zipcast  or TeamViewer  or anymeeting to conduct Free webinars and get noticed.

Live Resume :
You can make your Online presence your resume. Your website, Your Face book, Your Twitter, Your Pintrest, Your Scoopit,Your Blog,Your LinkedIn, Your Comments on social media, You likes and Your responses on online forums your Live Resume.
Your website can be your CV, Your on-line creativity can become your CV.
We all should know our profiles on Linkedin are our resumes, Live and Kicking....

Philippe Dubost created that is a look alike of Amazon Product page. 
It's gone Viral. Take a look at his live resume....

Take a look at this post in Business get Inspiration...

LinkedIn Resume : 
Fortunately LinkedIn offers many features to garnish your profile , showcase your work ( of course with out conflict of interest with your present organization)
The three rules for best resume on LinkedIn are..
   1. Complete in all aspects.( Take LinkedIn suggestions/ Improve your profile wizard)
   2. Showcase your work
   3. Get Recommendations

Infographic Resume :
Infograph is using an image to communicate data or Visualizing Infirmation
Creating infogram  is easy...Use 
Here are Visualizations on Pintrest to get inspiration
Infographic Visual Resumes on Pinterest

If you find it difficult to create your own visualization ,
you can try the easiest 
or try out the brilliant  Resum.Up
Where  visualization of your resume is made easy and you can get awsome Visual Resumes.

Other Awesome Resumes :

Twesumes : 
Twisume is 140 Character Twitter message that is a crisp Bio-data coupled with the hash tag #twesume.
Take a look at this Twisume of Santa Claus
Santa Claus: World traveler and toy expert. 300+ years management experience. Looking for position in entertainment industry. #twesume
as it can connect the prospective  recruiter  to your Twitter account, Your profile and tweets showcase your Skill, Will and Knowledge...
Look for more on  Mashable article on Twisume

Phone App as Resume :
a Good idea to explore.Still a niche.. but a creative way to do so.. to showcase your skills.

Creative Resumes : 

Here are some very very creative resumes showcased in  Bored Panda 
Here is a sample...

The new age resignations...

In the new age of communications, even resignations are made sensational... Thus sometimes making them as Heroes and New Opportunities knocking their doors despite their controversial  yet, creative resignations.

Musical Resignation that had gone viral....

However I caution... Do not emulate...
Why the ‘Joey Quits’ Video Is A Seriously Bad Career Move
Here is a Dancing to Resignation that also had gone viral....

Here is her Boss's her resignation : "We are Hiring"

If you wish to know more on resignations read  the article 

Five 'kick a__' resignations that went viral...

Epilogue: Resume or Resignation... Win Hearts... Let people remember you for Right Reasons....

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