Lord Krishna ! Whats up ?

We all  read about Whats-app in the recent news. It reminded me of a story from Indian Mythology .
Here is the story....
Satyabhama, one of the eight wives of Lord Sri Krishna, performs a ritual to possess Lord Sri Krishna all to herself.
The ritual ends by donating Lord Krishna to a sage named 'Narad' in the name of charity and reclaiming him back with anything that equals his weight measured with a simple balance.

When Lord Sri Krishna was weighed, Satyabhama failed to equal his weight in Gold, Money and All other Material Possessions. 

In an last attempt to salvage, she pleads Rukmini, another wife of lord Sri Krishna to give something that can weigh or rather outweigh Lord Sri Krisha .

Rukmini , Lord Sri Krishna's wife and his devotee, places a “Tulasi twig (Basil Twig) embedded with all her devotion” in the other pan of the balance.

This small Tulasi Twig embedded with devotion outweighs Lord Krishna.

This miracle ( Leela) by lord Sri Krishna is a demonstration that Devotion outweighs all Material possessions.

No doubt, this story from Hindu Mythology has similarity to the present marketing world.
We often see Million dollar marketing programmes by corporate Giants evaporate and the one solution with rich insight and intent to serve the customer is the winner.
Does it Ring any bells ? 
Whatsapp and Google hangouts!!

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