Auto Back up Excel Working : No surprises :-)

When you work with large files or huge quantum of data in excel, you may have experienced that the excel is struck and all that you have is Ctrl+Alt+Del.
Here comes a good tool that does a backup of all excel files you open. ( works with Excel 2003, 2007)
Author is Filipe Zeferino (
Thank you Filipe.
It’s an excel add in.
You can download it from @Downloads.
Download from Author's site: Autobackup Excel

Follow the simple procedure to load it.
  • Save the file on the desktop
  • Copy it. Go to My computer > C: drive and paste it there
  • Open an excel workbook
  • Go to Tools>Add-ins>browse
  • Locate the file in C: drive and then click OK
  • The auto-backup add-in loads. Follow a simple menu to complete the install.
  • Now just don't happy :)