What is the size of each slide in my presentation ?

Identifying the slides that are increasing the size of my presentation

You have just finished a 'killer' presentation with lots of “Images” , “Logos” and about to send the presentation to your boss.
You realize that it’s quite a big presentation in size and is about 20 MB.
You cannot send such big files on mail !!

Now , you need to understand and modify the slides to ensure that the size does not exceed 2-3 MB.
What do you do ?
Go slide by slide and compress pictures?

There is an easy way out….
Try this…
Go to File >> Save &Send >> Publish Slides >> Publish Slides
Once you Publish the slides, each slide gets published as a presentation itself so you will be able to know the size of each slide.
Identify the slides and compress the images.
For step by step details take a look at the presentation.
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