VIRUS is a.k.a Viru Sahasrabuddhe

VIRUS is aka Viru Sahasrabuddhe.(not the other way round !!)
Thanks to the film 3 Idiots, we experienced the power of Acronyms.
Incidentally, yet another 'VIRUS' is Vital Information Resources Under Siege.

It's not uncommon to search for a catchy name for your project. Well, the name should double as an acronym and reflect the essence of the project. What do you do?
Here is a free cool tool on the web….called
 ACE Acronym Creator
Give the words that best describe your project or concept or give a phrase. The tool generates hundreds of acronyms to choose from.
Here is the link

Sometimes, you have a name and you need to add words to each letter. Try it!
Sometimes you have the letters to Jumble. Here are Jumble solver links!

Now,  go Acronym hunting ...

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