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Post by Adi-the magnificent.

In the months of March and April this year, the time for year-end appraisals, many of us received this mail named "Sachin Tendulkar's appraisal".
For those who missed the mail......
Sachin's Appraisal on 
200 Runs 
147 Balls 
Agreed. You have done a GREAT job.
But,25 x 4s = 100 . 3 x 6s = 18 . It implies that you have made 118 Runs in 28 Balls.
And 12 x 2s = 24 . 58 x 1s = 58.
It means you have scored 200 Runs in only 98 balls. So you have wasted 147-98 = 49 balls
Considering only 1 run scored on each of these balls you could have earned 49 valuable runs for our team. else, other team members could have utilised these wasted balls.

Manager's comment: So you only met expectations but not exceeded (though none of our team members could ever do it) and so, your Grade is C.

Training Recommended:
  1. Learn how to steal singles
  2. Learn to fully exploit opportunities
  3. Improve attitude towards Teamwork & Teamspirit.
The mail was good and I am sure we all enjoyed it. We probably liked the cynicism.
Recently I came across a reply to this. That's the best part of the story.
It's a 12-year-old lad who is a fan of Satchin was angry and he wrote a mail-back to his mother who forwarded the mail to him. He is Aditya, the son of my colleague. He calls himself Adi-the magnificent.
Here I give you the Verbatim

There is something called dot ball(ball which is wasted). 

Sachin could have easily got out on those balls if he hadnt wasted them but if he would have got out where would be his 200 and where would be Indias 401(the total that India scored in the match).

To compensate for those wasted balls he hit sixes and fours and if u see he maintained a strike rate(score per 100 balls) of 130,which is incredible in one day cricket. 

Every ball has not to be hit for 4's and sixes and also on every ball it is not advisable to 'STEAL A SINGLE'. There is something called rotating strike so that the batsman on the other end gets well set. 

It is wrong to say that he didn't fully exploit opportunities because he THRASHED every loose delivery by the bowler. 

On TEAMWORK AND TEAM- SPIRIT: When Sachin was on 199 Dhoni didn't give him strike,he responded on every run that Dhoni called out for,not being selfish and in the 49th over in the thisrd ball Sachin made 200 whereas that should have been completed in the 46th over then I would not mind if Dhoni didn't give strike to Sachin. 

So his work doesn't deserve C GRADE but A+. So forward what I have written to the person who sent u this.
-Adi the magnificent

Adi, It's Magnificent. I show my appreciation by publishing this post in your name!
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The lesson to be learned time when you sit for appraisal, be ready with your irrefutable points of view!

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