Sometimes an Idiot

Yesterday I was reading CD of The Economic Times and bumped into a small article written by Mr. Devdutt Patniak.
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Cycle-of-life - 
Cycle of life: Play wise, play fool to achieve your goal

....The same story.. and scene from the Hindi film...Delhi 6

Gobar (Played by Atul Kulkarni) played the role of an Idiot in the film and the other is a 'wise' man played by Pawan Malhotra.

Every day Pavan Malhotra offers the Idiot...a choice to select 
"TWO" One Rupee coins or 
"ONE" 10 Rupee note.
Every time the Gober opts for "TWO" one rupee coins.

Pawan Malhotra enjoys Gobar's ignorance and gives him two one rupee coins.
every day the same story....

At the end, someone suggests Gobar take 10 rupees instead of two One rupee coins...
He smiles and says... the day I choose 10 Rupees... the game is over!

The beauty is....the story...the lesson the article Cycle-of-life.

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