10 Ways to fix your life

10 ways to fix your life  - Click this link to go to the Article
This is an article from Times of India-Mumbai Mirror by Lekha.Menon today 9th Oct 2010.
Read it. Its worth your time and attention.
I will just give you the 10 ways... 
  1. Get in touch with inner self - Meditate
  2. Clear Clutter - Clear your mind
  3. Be around Nature - Connect with Nature
  4. Energize your House -  Remove negative energy
  5. Have vibrant colors around - be Colorful
  6. Indulge in some laughter therapy - Laugh heart-fully
  7. Imbibe the power of Music - Music is Divine
  8. Wake up the inner child - Leave Inhibitions
  9. Press the right points - Stimulate pressure points to ease you
  10. Healthy life style - eat - exercise - enjoy the God's gift - " Life "
Now , at least select one and follow just for a week...
I promise ... that you will return to this post!

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