Waterfall charts a.k.a Mario chart

Waterfall Charts are consultant's favorite charts!.
No wonder they are often referred as McKinsey style waterfall chart!
Apparently they look difficult to create but once you know the secret, it works like magic.

They are the best choice if you want to show how increments and decrements impact quantitative change in a given parameter. 

Let me explain.
In the year 2011, your company sales are 100K €. You have a plan to reach 330 K € by 2016.
Here is the data...

Sales Projections from 2011-2016 increments
totaling to 2016 final sales shown in waterfall chart
The data can be best shown in a waterfall chart . The Chart looks like this
The trick is - arrangement of data and hiding some components of a normal stacked bar chart! I have explained the same in the attached excel. Have a look at it!
Even if you do not understand.... no problem.. use ready made charts from the same excel! I have given 4 different scenarios of the same chart.
You can download the file from the Downloads @ section of LCDing. Its a DO.. CO..MO.. stuff (Download, Copy ,Modify)

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