Year end...Self Apprisal

2012. is about to end. 
No Armegadon on 12.12.12 or on 21.12.12. 7 Billion thanks for the most uneventful year!
We just have to wait for new stories on 11.12.13 or 13.12.13 which happens to be a Friday ;-)
Well, on that happy note and wild anticipation, do you wish to recalibrate yourself with resolutions? 
Like to test yourself?  Test your IQ, Personality, Career Values.... 

Here is a brilliant site called 123 Test.
It's Free. and good. This site hosts the most popular tests for Free. Registration is optional.
Test yourself. Share it with your family. 
Let your spouse also attempt these tests on a weekend...Enjoy the process and outcomes.

For those who wish to take it a little more seriously, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTIJung Typology Test is a well-known test in corporate circles. An elaborate version of the same is here from the site Human Metrics. There is a considerable brouhaha on this test recently, However, MBTI is the most widely used psychometric test across.
Here below is MBTI Typology Summary quoting Various famous Personalities....
Credits: The Washington Post; Ryan Smith and Eva Gregersen, creators of

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