Gmail IDs are Double blind* !!!

Yes ! Gmail IDs are DOT Blind & CAPS Blind and It's Good for us
* Do not infer from medical word Double Blind 
Gmail is is DOT Blind and CAPS Blind.
This means,you may use Dots and Caps as you please in a Google e-mail Id and nothing goes wrong! 
Consider... your mail ID as
Gmail is DOTS blind. so, your mail id can be written as or or any other combination of text and dots.
Gmail is CAPS blind. so, your mail id can be written as
FIRSTNAMESECONDNAME@GMAIL.COM or in any other combination of Small and CAPS

Even a combination of DOTS and CAPS works in Gmail.
That's why It is Double Blind so, your mail id can be written as

or in any other combination of Small and CAPS, Dots,No DOTS. 
Don't Worry. You mail will be delivered !


  1. I observe this one also. I thought it was just me. Amazing! but this also gives me a problem because I create two gmail accounts before and the distinction between the two is the dot in between. Now, I am so confused because gmail treat them as identical email. My messages were sent to both emails. So confusing. :)

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