Knoema : The Knowledge Highway

Knoema is all about up-to-date World data ,Visualization and Download.
It's Brilliant. Lay hands on most updated Public data with visualization tools and Download the Stuff !! :-)

This is what Knoema  Says about itself...
Knoema is a knowledge platform. The basic idea is to connect data with analytical and presentation tools. As a result, we end with one uniformed platform for users to access, present and share data-driven content.
This is what Wikipedia Says..
Knoema  provides access to a large number of databases and provides visualization tools for use with those databases. The visualizations can be either publicly accessible, or in the case of corporate costumers, may remain private. Knoema also works with individual groups to provide visualizations for that group's projects.[2] The company has development teams in Perm, Russia and Bangalore, India.

Watch the Video to Explore....

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