Knoema : The Knowledge Highway

Knoema is all about up-to-date World data , Visualization and Download.
It's Brilliant. Lay hands on the most updated Public data with visualization tools and Download the Stuff !! :-)

This is what Knoema  Says about itself...
Knoema is a knowledge platform. The basic idea is to connect data with analytical and presentation tools. As a result, we end with one uniform platform for users to access, present and share data-driven content.
This is what Wikipedia Says..
Knoema provides access to a large number of databases and provides visualization tools for use with those databases. The visualizations can be either publicly-accessible or in the case of corporate customers, may remain private. Knoema also works with individual groups to provide visualizations for that group's projects.[2] The company has development teams in Perm, Russia and Bangalore, India.

Watch the Video to Explore....

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