Pharma , Doctors and Games : New tools to engage ?

We all have been reading that Pharma is vying for new means to reach and engage customers under the backdrop of dwindling access to doctors across the world.
Social Media in Pharma is quite a hot topic! It consistently remained "Hot" for the last 2 Years and may remain hot till Pharma embarrasses the new modes of communication.
Are Games going to be a new way? 
Watch a new game "Fever Frenzy". It's for everyone not just for doctors.
However, imagine a game on similar lines exclusively for doctors with a dash of Hi-Fi medical science that challenges and tests the  Doctor's ability to diagnose and treat patients at the same time generously treating the doctors with a dose of excitement and competition...
More dope on the same subject
Social.eyeforpharma : Future Pharma
Let's wait and watch...
Here are the first cut views of   Fever Frenzy
This is a brief description of the game given on the iTunes Apple store.
Diagnose and treat weird patients in this fun game of speed and strategy. Cure bipolarbear disorder, baboonic plague, mother goose bumps, 3rd degree sideburns and much more. These uniquely strange patients change appearance (for the better) when you successfully discharge them from the hospital.
★ Diagnose, treat, and cure patients with the dreaded polka pox and more in this wacky time management game!
★ Master 40 challenging levels!
★ Explore 4 different hospital settings, e.g., safari hospital, mental hospital, and more.
★ Search for a cure in the DNA mini-game!
★ Customize your character!

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