Medical Representatives – Can they be Corona Warriors?

~ 4 Lakh Medical reps work in India :
  • They know the basics
  • They are trained
  • They have personal report with doctors
  • They know how the health care operates

Can the Pharma organizations and government use their services to serve in this difficult situation to contain Coronavirus spread? Can OPPI /IDMA / IPA  and Other associations get into talks with Govt and offer their help and services through Med reps ?

What is to be done?

  • Reach out to organizations – Reach out to associations – Reach out to Trade unions.
  • Request their permission to give their field force to serve the Public under the guidance of Doctors.
  • Invite and Join the sales force on Video conf . Give them One-day training on how to contain Corona Virus
  • Give them a skill. They will learn it fast
  • Certify them as trained Corona Volunteers to serve the public at large
  • Provide them all disposable protective gear.

What can Medical Reps Do?

  • Deploy them at clinics to screen Patients and identify possible corona infections.
  • Deploy them to offer public education on social media.
  • Deploy them with doctors to help healthcare professions.
  • Deploy them and certify them to Manage the supply chain of essential medicines.
  • They can be used for the transport of samples and medicines since all of them have personal transport
  • Each rep will be given a list of 200 houses to monitor on a weekly basis. Anyone showing symptoms of Covid will be picked up and informed by government agencies
  • Daily allowance to be paid by the government. Salary by employers.
  • All they need to be given is personal protection clothing and IR temperature monitor. 
  • If IR not available Digital devices to be used

Of course, everyone should be given a choice to volunteer or not to - leave it to them to decide!

Credits: Parthasarathy Ponguri